Thursday, May 24, 2018

Weekly blog post 20-25th May 2018

We have not been reflecting that much this week, so I will not have a long post. I will be writing about my report on the MS Music Concert and updates on Edward Tulane. Tuesday was also my 11th birthday! (I wrote a paragraph about that too.)

Updates on Edward Tulane:
When Edward (...or Susan) was in the ocean, I think he had lots of time to reflect on himself. But I don't know what changed him. He loves, he thinks there are worse things then being forced to wear a dress.
Edward got new ears, he wearing different clothes, is in a different place.
Edward listens to when someone is talking to him or needs the comfort of knowing someone is listening to them when they need to talk about things that hurt them, or memories out loud.

MS Music Concert report:
The Mellifluous MS Music Concert
By Mika Pauschert

Yesterday in the UNIS auditorium, Grade 5 went to the MS Music concert to prepare and experience it for Middle School.

The Grade 6 band and choir played Three Billy Goats Gruff with a special guest narrator, the MS principal. I thought it was a very interesting and creative way to read a story. Then they played a magical piece called Enchantment. I noticed how different instruments joined into the piece at different times. The piece went up and down and had a surprising ending.

The Grade 7 and 8 talented orchestra played Fiddler’s Frolic, Three Celtic Folksongs, Appalachia Waltz and Boogie Woogie. The Orchestra was my favorite because they played in different times and notes. All the songs they played were really calming and elegant. They played like dragonflies.

Grade 6, 7 and 8 choir sang Four Partner Songs-Traditional English, Mango Walk-Traditional Jamaican, Straighten Up and Fly Right, and There Is Peace. My favorite piece out of all of the songs they sang is the Four Partner Songs because the choir sang it beautifully and how the song talks about poverty and I believe it also talks about soldiers. The Mango Walk was cheerful and different compared to the first song. Straighten up and Fly Right was sung in different times and with different verses. There is Peace was also like Straighten up and Fly Right.

The Grade 7 and 8 band took us around Asia with playing the Based on Bamboo Flute, Sakura, Korean Folk Song, Con Buom Xuan, Chisa, and Joy. But we only had a limited time before leaving School to go home so -I don’t remember- but I think the Band skipped the Chisa. The pieces were all different. The Sakura was soft, high and reminded me of birds singing. The Korean Folk Song was very different compared to the Sakura. It was cheerful and felt like a song to dance traditionally to.

In conclusion, I think the Orchestra, Choir and Band did a fantastic job.

I wonder if all assemblies in Middle school are like the interesting Music Concert we witnessed. I appreciate and thank Middle School for letting us see their Music Concert!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Weekly blog post May 13-18th

This week we worked on literacy, Transitions and Math. MAP testing was also this week. (Today is also Clarissa's birthday)

In Literacy, we worked on adding description to our paragraphs and reports. The description bubble includes shape,size,color,number,texture and action/feeling. I found writing paragraphs and reports and adding descriptive words in a little boring, just because it is not exactly a fun thing to do. In my reflection on May 16th, I wrote: I included who,when and where, I used these descriptive words in my introduction: Huge, loud, wonderful, boisterous and more, I did not want to add any more types to my introduction, and that I don't think I have enough descriptive words in my paragraph.

In Math this week, we did a review of the different types of measurement. For example, Mr. Nathan put a problem for each unit of measurement on the TV and we had a few minutes to solve it. There were a few measurements that I did not understand because I don't think I really learned it, since I was focused on something else. 

This week in transitions, we learned about the Lines of Inquiry. Today, Mr. Dylan came to our classroom to talk about 'changes' with us. Then 5A and 5B went to the ECC gym to listen to Nurse Susan talk about 'Parts of the body'. She told us about the Female and Male body parts. (I'd rather not
talk about it because it makes me uncomfortable) Nurse Susan told us to get used to saying the scientific names of our body parts. She even made us say the words out loud! I think I was not as immature about what Nurse Susan was talking about because I don't think there is a point in laughing in something teachers are trying to prepare us about. Though you can make it sound even more discussing than it actually is. 

For Buddies, we took the poems we had made about the SDGs and cut them up and solved them.

MAPs was very boring and hard. In each test, there were around 50-55 questions. Something that is very annoying in MAPs is that the more questions you get correct, the harder it gets. So it gets harder and then you don't know what the answer is, so you have to guess. Then that makes you go back down. Its like a zigzag. Up and down all the time.

Happy birthday Clarissa!🎈

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Weekly blog post 6th-11th May 2018

This week was the Wizard of Oz performance. I was in the first opening night on Thursday. My favorite part is the Jitterbug because its so much fun to dance and sing to. The Wizard of Oz is also my first performance\play I ever participated in. We also visited kindergarten and were treated like them for the Transition unit. Transitions involve changes that require adaptations. 


9th May 2018
I did how long would it take an Architect to make 1 million dollars? I understood a little more about place value. I think I need to work more on the place value of bigger numbers. Does a lawyer make more money than an Architect I will write down the technique of finding the place value of bigger numbers so I don't forget it. 

10th May 2018

What is the perfect amount of Kool Aid for you? I learned that it makes it easier to make something if you like it. I wonder what amount of Kool Aid the person or company used when they first made Kool Aid. I will find out how much money a member from ABBA or a actor makes a year.

11th May 2018

I did the Volume station. I measured A,B,C,D boxes and found their volume. I understood more of what volume is. I will do something else next time.


In literacy, we wrote lots of recounts. I think I am getting better at writing recounts from all of the recount we have been writing. Here is one recount I wrote today.

Wizard of Oz performance recount

Last night in the huge UNIS theater, 4th graders and up preformed The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. With a variety of songs and dancing, the audience stayed watching for around two hours. Unfortunately, I was either waiting backstage or in the dressing room, so I did not get to see the whole performance. We put a lot of effort into the performance and received a loud round of applause but no encore.

The play starts off with one of the main characters, Dorothy and Toto (her dog). Toto had bitten Ms. Gulch and she was going to take Toto away. After smart Toto returns to his beloved Dorothy,they run away together. On their way, they stop at a kind fortune teller who travels the world called Mr. Marvel who knew they were running away and offers to take Dorothy and Toto with him to travel the world together. Suddenly, a tornado starts to take off and Dorothy runs home to make sure Auntie Em is not sick like Mr. Marvel said. During that part of they play, I was in the dressing room getting into my Munchkin makeup and costumes. Then I was told I had to wear pigtails!

I think I really got into character when being a Munchkin. Glinda was funny and acted really well. When I first got on stage, I was terrified because I had no idea there were going to be so many people watching. During the dancing and singing of Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead, I felt like the music suddenly got really slow and I messed up. I hope no one noticed! When off stage, I ran and got into my costume and makeup for… The Jitterbug! The Jitterbug is my favorite scene and is really run to dance and sing to. We snuck up on the main characters and scared them as well as the audience. We made scary and teasing faces at the audience and then the flying monkeys flew down and then us, Jitterbugs exited the stage.

After the performance ended, we all lined up and then the heavy curtains opened again for us to bow. Once the curtains closed again and we all listened if the audience wanted an encore. After an minute, we left and then went to our families. My family brought me flowers! They were very proud of my effort and for performing in a play for the first time.

I can’t wait for the Saturday because I really enjoyed performing. I will also go to the performance on Sunday so I can see what the play looks like from the audience. I wish Cast B good luck!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Exhibition report May 2nd-3rd-4th 2018

Exhibition has been a time where we can use our passions and find issues to fix.

In the beginning of Exhibition, I already had an issue I wanted to fix. I didn't really get to know what my teammates's passions were and what issue they had, because they did not always speak up and give opinions. When I suggested the issue of changing the bathroom icons, we thought we would change every icon in the world. Including UN videos and so on. But the more we worked on the issue, the more we realized that we could not change everything in 2 months.

I think when problems crossed our way, we did not always take the time to really sit down and think
about it since we were so busy trying to create icons. Some problems, we ignored. I think we were very organized because we had everything in one folder (so we could each access everything) and designed our display so we knew what to make.

I do not think we had the most reliable sources, because most of the websites we used did not really explain what we were looking for. But I think our topic was also hard to research. I think we got a little nervous when we were told of the story of the 5th graders who forgot their citations. We were very organized. I think our display was very bold and looked neat, which I think is good to be able to do in the future.

I think we were sounded very polite and professional in emails and in our presentations. I think PYPx has helped us in our communication, because of all the emails we've been sending and receiving. My teammates need to communicate more with each other and me, because they don't always give their opinions or ideas.

I know that I want to continue this action, but I have a feeling that I will be very busy and stressed with so much going on. It seems almost as if our action is done because we are no longer panicking and saying this needs to be done and that email needs to be sent... I felt like it was hard to be patient with such an action. I wanted everything to go quickly and the action to be achieved, and I didn't realize that there were so many details to getting to achieve our action. Overall, I think my team and I will change the bathroom signs at UNIS and I hope everything goes smoothly.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Weekly blog 8-13 April Response text

This week we were very busy in Exhibition, Math problems, book club and writing reports. 

In Exhibition this week my team and I went on a field trip to the UN building and spoke with Ms. Ly who works in 'Woman'. We got a lot of information from her. We went around interviewing people who had been judged by their gender and asking them how they were judged by their gender. We also got ourselves a meeting with Dr. Barder and the Head of School Team to discuss my team's action. I learned that it helps to tell people when we interview, to speak loudly so we would not have trouble with the audio and music. I wonder how our meeting with Dr. Barder goes!
Displaying IMG_5793.JPG

In Math this week we did 2 problems. The first was the Unicorn fence problem. At first me and my partner thought we had the answer but after Mr. Nathan checked it, we realized that it was wrong. We have still not found out where we went wrong but we know that after adding everything up, our sum was 32. The other problem was Tam's bathroom tile problem. My partner and I got the answer and had to round it up, because you can't saw a tile in quarters. After that, we had to find the total cost of the tiles. I wonder what the next problem is going to be! ( Not that I want to do it)

Displaying IMG_0274.JPGIn Book club this week, my group and I presented our information to each other from our jobs and graded them with popcorn. I liked The Giver a lot and I learned to try the book first before I judge the blurb! I wonder if the next book we're reading is going to be the Gathering blue. 

I hope next week is not going to as busy, though Mr. Nathan says it will be. And I hope we convince Dr. Barder and the Head of School Team to change the bathroom icons in UNIS.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Music concert report essay

On March 15th, grade 4 and 5 students were getting ready to show their progress in Choir, Strings or Band to family and friends in the UNIS auditorium. Grade 5 students were singing a variety of songs with live music, including a song at the end with the 4th graders. Band and Strings also preformed several pieces with a pianist.

Grade 5 students sang two songs- Hold back the river and I'm on top of the world, which they have been practicing for several months. As a student there, I found the singing a little dull. Grade 5 had a finale with grade 4 students, singing Have you ever seen the rain. All three songs were accompanied with live instruments. The students on the guitar and piano did an excellent job making the performance more exciting. The music teachers were encouraging the audience to sing along. A grade 5 class did an individual performance, the bounce to the beat with basketballs.

The strings each preformed two songs- Here it comes and rhythm fever, and a finale together. The Strings were low and comforting and sounded better than when they practiced in class. The violins were high and sweet. And then both strings were combined together, making an lovely-sounding melody. We also had a talented pianist who amused the audience. The band instruments were cheerful and strong together.

I think the music teachers did an excellent job preparing us for the concert. I believe that we could have made the concert a little more exciting but I know that they were singing the same songs for over a few months. Overall I think the we did an excellent job showing our progress to our families.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Weekly blog post 11-16th March

We had our Music concert on Thursday. I think we should have had more energy when singing. I was really nervous, because I was the first one to lead all of the Cellist on stage!

We have been working on probability a lot this week. We are trying to find the probability of rolling heads or tails on a number of coins. Keeping up with the rest of the class and my table was the hardest for me, because I didn't understand everything. The easiest thing for me was finding heads/tails to find the answer.

Me and my group have come up with an even better icon for Male and Female. I think we are very successful so far, because we have our icons, surveys and an email to the UN, which we have not sent yet. My job is being the Communicator in my group. I send emails and communicate with people who we need to contact. We also took our exhibition books to World Languages on Thursday, to find something to write in our Mother tongue. I choose the Central idea: We can each make a difference to the World through community action.